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Ohio Gridiron

Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association



























The name of this non-profit organization shall be known as the “OHIO GRIDIRON YOUTH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION”.


    1. The purpose of this association shall be:

    2. To afford the youth of the area an opportunity to engage in healthy competition with proper physical training, adequate protective equipment, and qualified adult guidance.

    3. To provide and enforce suitable rules and conduct for players, coaches and parents while protecting proper moral, mental, and physical values.

    4. To teach and encourage clean living, teamwork, fair play, and sportsmanship.

    5. All rules and decisions to be fair and in the best interest of all youth involved.


    1. Membership shall be comprised of existing teams and of any future teams deemed acceptable to the league. All future accepted teams must meet the following requirements:

    2. No team may apply for new membership from a defined area that a current

      member of Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association already represents. An exception to this rule will require approval of two thirds of the active directors in which a mandatory approval vote of the current member who represents the defined area of which new membership is being sought.

    3. Willingness to accept and follow the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.

    4. Acceptance date for all new teams must be no later than March 25th of the year they first participate. There will be an entrance fee of $500 for each new team which will be applied towards their first-year league registration fee. Initial

      An exit fee of $1000 will be assessed to any organization that chooses to leave OGYFA WITHOUT 90 days prior notification to the Executive Board. Initial

    5. Each team shall pay an annual registration fee to cover officials, play-off expenses, awards, insurance and other Association operating expenses. This shall be paid prior to start of season at a date determined by the President.

    6. All teams affiliated with this Association must adequately equip, field, and finance a "B" team, "A" team, and Junior Varsity team. Any team that fails to meet these obligations will be considered as a new team requesting new membership in this Association.


    1. Government of this Association shall be vested in the participating teams as covered under Article 3.

    2. The Executive Board will consist of all association officers, directors, and all eligible voting members of the association.

    3. On all Association matters the Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Head Commissioner, Assignment Commissioner, Trustees, and each Director (one per community) will have one (1) vote with no Associate having more than one (1) vote.

    4. On all Association matters the President votes only in cases of a tie.

    5. On all Football matters only, the Directors shall vote with the Head Commissioner voting in case of a tie.

    6. Any Director shall hold only one position with Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association (i.e. Holding position on Executive Board while still Director).

    7. Each member of the Executive Board is required to adhere to the constitution and bylaws of the Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association.


    1. The elected officers of the Association shall be in office for a term of two (2) years:












      2- TRUSTEES

    2. The two (2) Trustees shall be elected for a period of two (2) years.

      1. The Trustees have the power to veto any action of the body within seven (7) days of the vote. It shall require 2/3 majority vote of all Directors present at the next meeting to override this veto. The Trustees may not veto any action to override a veto.

      2. The Trustees shall act as the Audit Committee for the Association. The committee shall audit books during the month of January and report the results of the audit to the Executive Board at the February meeting.

    3. The Head Commissioner may appoint as many additional Assistant Commissioners as they deem necessary. Assistant Commissioners are subject to approval by the Executive Board.

    4. If any elected Association Officer shall fail to be present to discharge his duties at two

(2) consecutive monthly meetings without an acceptable excuse, they shall forfeit their office and a special election shall be held to fill their vacancy.


    1. The officers, as set forth in the prior article, shall have the following duties:

    2. The President shall preside at all meetings during the transaction of any Association business and shall preserve order at said meetings and insure that the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association are followed. In case of his absence the Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer or Commissioner, in that order, shall preside. The President only votes in case of a tie. The President shall appoint any committee he deems necessary for the operation of the Association and they shall be an Ex-Officio Member of the Committee.

    3. The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President when the President is unable to perform said duties. Vice President shall also act as Association Historian and keep all records.

    4. The Secretary shall notify all members of meetings, take attendance and minutes at meetings, and keep legal and appropriate records. Secretary shall keep all records in an Association book and bring to all meetings and distribute to all members record of meetings and minutes of previous meeting.

    5. The Treasurer shall collect all monies due the Association and account for all monies received. Treasurer shall also pay all Association bills, keep financial records, provide monthly meeting Treasurers report and shall be subject to Trustees annual audit in January.

    6. The Head Commissioner shall be the highest authority on all questions involving games and players eligibility. They shall also perform the following duties.

      1. Rule on all protests submitted to them in writing.

      2. Determine all penalties to be assessed on protests, after a hearing attended by all concerned parties at a time and place designated by the Head Commissioner.

      3. Conduct and supervise the weigh in and certification procedures.

      4. Present a schedule of games for approval by the Executive Board.

      5. Establish rules and issue directives for the operation of the Head Commissioner's office.

      6. The Assistant Commissioners, as well as any other Commissioners shall assist the Head Commissioner in the performance of the duties of that office and perform the said duties while the Head Commissioner is absent.

    1. (a) The Assignment Commissioner is responsible to procure officials for all games.

    2. The Elected Officers (as described in Article 5.1) shall conduct the business of the Association during the period between regular meetings and shall have the following duties.

      1. Investigate all new teams applying for membership and present their findings to the Executive Board at a regular Association meeting.

      2. Act as a Steering Committee in the planning and performance of the annual play-offs and championship games and other Association events.

      3. Study potential event sites, review written bids, and make recommendations of pre-season, post season games, and scrimmages.

    3. Screen all proposed new Directors and all other Association positions, including and up to fingerprinting, background checks, etc. as deemed necessary. Individuals rejected shall be notified by mail of the decision and the reasons for said decision.

    4. Purchase all items necessary for the operation of the Association, after approval of such purchases by the Board of Directors.

    5. Request the Executive Board suspend any team that fails to fulfill its monetary obligations to the Association. Directors of teams facing suspension shall be given a hearing before the Executive Board. If the problems cannot be resolved at that time, a vote will be conducted and if the Executive Board vote a 2/3 majority vote for suspension, the team will be suspended until the unsatisfactory condition is corrected.


7.0 The Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association shall not be responsible for any debts incurred by its member’s teams.


    1. The Constitution or Bylaws of the Association will be reviewed annually and can be amended in the following ways.

    2. A written copy of the proposed amendment changes must be submitted between January 1 and March 31 to the Executive Board. Changes must be voted on and pass by a 2/3 majority vote. Any changes submitted after this period must pass by a 100% vote. Any By-law change and/or addition that pertain to football playing matters will only be voted on by the Directors. In case of a tie the Head Commissioner will cast the deciding vote.


    1. Regular Association meetings shall be held monthly, January through December at a place most convenient for all members and designated by the President.

    2. Association meetings for the purpose of election and installation shall be held bi- annually (odd years) for Executive Board Officers in December.

    3. The President, at their discretion, may call special meetings as necessary.

    4. All Officers and Directors who have two unexcused absences at consecutive meetings and are not represented by an Authorized Alternate, may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the Executive Board.

    5. All meetings are to be conducted under Robert's Rule of Order.

    6. A simple majority of Directors shall constitute a quorum.

    7. The agenda of each meeting shall be as follows.

      1. Roll call of Officers and Directors by the Reporting Secretary

      2. Reading of minutes of prior meeting by the Reporting Secretary

      3. Treasurers report

      4. Review communications and bills

      5. Report of Executive Directors

      6. Reports of Committees

      7. Report of Head Commissioner

      8. Old Business

      9. New Business

      10. Adjournment


    1. This League operates under the rules of the National Federation of State High School Association, except for the items included in the By-Laws of the Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association.

    2. All participating players must complete an Association Eligibility Form which must include a 1-1/2 by 1-1/2 picture of the head and shoulders, birth certificate, and current year physical examination. The form must be complete before player can be weighed in and certified to play in OGYFA. No player may practice without a year current physical.

    3. The Director of an opposing team may challenge the eligibility of any player, with respect to age, weight, and residence provided said Director gives notice to the Head Commissioner or any Assistant Commissioner.

    4. Any player signed to play Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association shall not play organized football elsewhere.

    5. Eligible players must reside or go to school in the community in which they desire to play. Up to 4 exceptions may be granted to players that live in an adjacent community where another OGYFA team is present. This is subject to Executive Board approval. The number of exceptions allowed per team and per community will be determined by the Executive Board as needed. Exceptions must be applied for prior to July 1. If a player's residence or school status changes and/or they move to the area of another OGYFA team, player then has the right to play for either team. A player may play for another team represented in OGYFA in which they do not reside or go to school with written permission from the resident Director for whom they have chosen not to play.

    6. All players of all teams must weigh in and/or check-in before the start of every game. Weigh- ins will be at half-time of the game prior to the start of said game.

    7. Teams who knowingly use players that do not meet all requirements may have to forfeit all games known player has played.

    8. Players ages for certification will be Kindergarten – 6th grade based on the grade they will starting in the fall.

    9. The division of teams and grades will be as listed below:

      1. "Freshman" team will consist of 2nd and 3rd grade Line-Only players will be any weight above 100.

      2. "Sophomore" team will consist of 4th grade Line-Only players will be any weight above 115.

      3. "Junior" team will consist of 10 5th grade. Line-Only players will be any weight above 135.

      4. Varsity will consist of 6th grade (7th grade allowed only if under 100 lbs.) Line-Only players will be any weight above 140. In addition, you can only add 7th grade needed to get your 6th grade team up to a total of 20 players. (7th graders under 100 lbs. must have a signed waiver)

      5. A 2 lb. growth allowance will be added to the weight limits at game 6. Once a player is striped the player stays striped regardless of weight at game 6 after 2 lbs. added to limit.

      6. Players may weight in 2 games early at directors’ discretion (within 5lbs of certified weight)

    10. Line only players are players exceeding a weight limit and at no time may advance or carry the ball.

      1. Line only players must play from line tackle to line tackle on either side of the ball. They may pull inside the line, but not outside of the line. On defense the line only player must be head up on tight end – they can line up on the outside shoulder or space where tight end would be and need to be in a three- or four-point stance.

      2. Line only players must play in a down position (3-point stance) at the snap of the ball.

      3. Line only players must move forward at the snap of the ball and pursue the ball carrier from there. They may not drop back to defend a pass or act in the manner of a linebacker or defensive back.

      4. Line only players will be identified with taped stripe on their front and back helmets.

      5. Line only players have until the second week of season to re-certify as a regular player if they certified as a line only player at pre-season certification.

      6. Players who become Line only after the second week weigh-in shall remain line only for remainder of season.

    1. Teams from the All-Ohio Youth Football conference will be eligible to play games against Ohio Gridiron teams


    1. Each team shall insure that every member of said team has the necessary and proper equipment that is in safe and current shape.

    2. All equipment shall be property of each individual team.

    3. Cleats must be made of nylon or similar synthetic material without metal tips. Any player found to be wearing illegal cleats will be ejected from the game.

    4. Wilson, Spaulding or Rawlings leather/synthetic balls will be only "authorized" brands

      1. Wilson TDY, Spaulding JSY or Rawlings R5Y will be official game balls for Varsity.

      2. Wilson TDJ, Spaulding and/or Rawlings R5Yfor sophomore & JV teams.

      3. Wilson K2 for freshman teams.

    5. Each team may have their own set of head phones if they wish to use them. The home team must have available to the visiting team a spotting area to their own, if so desired.


    1. There shall be atrophy for each team participating in a championship game on the Varsity, Junior and sophomore levels. All players and cheerleaders from the respective teams will also receive individual trophy.

    2. Head Coach of the championship team will receive the game ball.

    3. The Association will not provide any trophies for the freshman levels.

    4. Each year the Association will hand out a Sportsmanship Award to the organization who receives the most points determined by officials on game to game basis. A vote from the Executive Board will also be factored in. The name of the award will be determined.

    5. Judging will be done on all levels to determine a recipient.


    1. Each member team shall have the following table of organization:

    2. One (1) elected Director

      1. Assistant Directors, as many as deemed necessary by the Director

      2. One (1) Head Coach, appointed by the director

      3. Assistant Coaches, as many as deemed necessary by the Head Coach

      4. One (1) or more qualified first aid persons, appointed by the Director

    3. Each team shall have a minimum of sixteen (16) players to start a game. Any less must be approved by the Head Commissioner

    4. Must Follow the state concussion law for conditioning going into contact following the OHSAA guidelines for concussion protocol


    1. Each Director must submit one (1) legible copy of team roster(s) to the Treasurer on the date league fees is paid. These rosters must have player’s names, age, grade, address and jersey numbers. After player certifications each Director must submit electronically the approved roster(s) to the Head Commissioner. The Head Commissioner will then forward rosters to all Directors.

    2. The official roster cannot be changed unless approved by Head Commissioner for the following reasons:

      1. A player becomes injured or unable to play for medical reasons.

      2. A player moves or quits.

      3. A Player is removed for disciplinary reasons.

      4. The Head Commissioners office authorizes a player’s number change, and all future opponents are notified.

    3. All Directors must carry with them a copy of their official roster to all games for opposing Director to have for reference.

    4. A player may be moved upward one class of team to another, but a player may not be moved downward.

    5. Players may be added to freshman rosters up until last scheduled game. Players must be certified by Head Commissioner. No Players on other teams may be added after the second game unless a player is moved up to make minimum player requirements.

    6. A player may transfer from one district to another as long as such transfer is approved by both team Directors and the Head Commissioners office, providing issued equipment be returned to the Organization player is transferring from before Directors approval.


    1. The Head Commissioner shall make a game schedule, select the fields, select the day and time the games shall be played and select Officials for the game. All consideration is to be made as far as field availability, Officials availability, and special events. All games must not start with less than two officials.

    2. There shall be at least a five (5) day period between games and/or scrimmages unless approved by the Executive Board.

    3. Amount of Conferences will be determined yearly by the number of teams in Association.

    4. Whenever possible, four (4) registered Officials should be used in regular season and five (5) in semi-final, and Championship games. Three Registered Officials should be used in freshman and sophomore games.

    5. There shall be no more than two (2) scrimmage or exhibition games per team per season. Unless approved by the Head Commissioner.

    6. A scrimmage shall last for no more than four (4) regular quarters or forty (40) offensive plays per team.

    7. In the event of inclement weather conditions, the home team may request that the game be cancelled providing four (4) hours’ notice given to the visiting team and Head Commissioner. Should this ever occur the Head Commissioner shall make the final decision and he must be contacted early enough so that he may be present to make the decision in good judgment.

    8. If an illegal player is used in any game this will result in forfeiture of that game and all games played with the ineligible player on the roster.

    9. Playoffs will be based on overall record not division record.

    10. There shall be a maximum of twelve (12) minutes halftime intermission.

    11. Playoff teams will consist of the top eight (6) teams in each eligible division. The 1 and 2 seed will receive a bye first week of playoffs. The number three (3) seed will play at the number six (6) seed and the number four (4) seed will play at the number five (5) seed in the First round. Winners of the four (4) seed vs. five (5) seed will face one (1) seed and the winners of three (3) vs six (6) will play second (2) seed in the semifinals, with Championships to follow the next week. No reseeding will take place. Semifinal and Championship rounds will be held on neutral sites.

    12. Quarters are to be Nine (9) minutes in duration for all levels Freshman - Varsity.

      1. There will be a ten (10) play minimum for ALL divisions. Players must attend all practices during game week to qualify for this minimum. Director discretion at Varsity level. Special team’s plays are included.

    13. In case of a tie at end of regulation there shall be a tie break procedure as follows:

      1. Each team will start at the ten (10) yard line and have four downs to achieve a score. If a touchdown is scored, then the team will attempt an extra point of their choice until a winner is declared. If double overtime team must attempt their extra point from 5 yard for 2 points. There will be no extra time for freshman level.

    14. No Kick-Offs for any age group.

    15. Freshman teams will be the only team to have the option on fourth down to either punt or move the ball 20 yards downfield from line of scrimmage but not move the receiving team any further than their own 30-yard line. Sophomore teams must declare a punt and will punt during a dead ball.

    16. Freshman teams will be allowed to have one coach on the field with them on offense and defense. The coach’s position at the snap of the ball will be a minimum of five (5) yards behind their deepest player. He must not at any time after the huddle breaks attempt or influence the play. If coach attempts or influences the play, there will be a first warning by an official and then all after that will result in a five (5) yards loss penalty.

    17. All facemask penalties will result in a 15-yard penalty.

    18. Points after a touchdown will be earned as follows:

      1. Kick for points after touchdown will be good for 2 points.

      2. Run or pass from the 3-yard line for points after touchdown will be good for 1 point.

      3. Run or pass from the 5-yard line for points after touchdown will be good for 2 points.

      4. Point after must be declared, regardless of penalties.

    19. Any age group from Ohio Gridiron Youth Football may represent the league in post-season.

    20. No games may be protested on an official ruling or decision.

    21. When any freshman team attains a lead of 24 points a continuous clock will take place until the other team scores at which point normal play clock will resume.

    22. No overtime period shall be allowed for any freshman games.

    23. No crack backs for any player in motion

    24. Freshman team defenses must line up 3-point stance. Center must be uncovered. They can’t shoot the gap.

    25. Head Coaches will receive the following warnings for un-sportsman like conduct by them or anyone on their staff. 1) First offense – Official Warning 2) Send offense – 15 Yard penalty 3) Third Offense – Head Coach and Third offender ejected. Any coach or player ejected from a game for un-sportsman like conduct will be ineligible for all games that day, as well as, the next scheduled game for all levels. A coach who is ejected must leave the premises immediately. Neither player nor coach will be allowed on the premises for the one game suspension.

    26. All Lineman inside the tackle box must be in a 3 point or point stance.

    27. Onside ruled for freshman, sophomore, JV and varsity. A coach can request on onside play (1 time per game) in the 4th quarter if down or tied

    28. Onside Play - The team requesting the onside play will get the ball on their own 35-yard line. They will have 1 play to get a first down. If they get the first down, they keep the ball and continue in normal play. If they do not get a first down on the single play, then the other team gets the ball at the down spot.


    1. All home teams shall furnish and be responsible for lining of the fields, providing down markers, announcer, and score/time keeper. They shall also have adequate restroom facilities, public address system, flag raising ceremony, and concession supplies.

    2. Home team shall furnish game balls for all games. Visitors may use their own at coach's discretion.

    3. All fields must be marked at minimum of sidelines, goal lines, end lines, all five (5) yard Lines, and team area markings. In addition, corner and goal line pylons shall be provided.

    4. Home teams must furnish weigh-in facilities which are enclosed and away from public area scrutiny. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of game by home team.

    5. Semifinals and Championship game fields will be voted on by Executive Board. Any team wishing to host either game must do so in sealed bid to the Executive Board.

    6. Both game sites will be voted on by Executive Board.


17.0 Monies to be raised by any legal way providing it does not tie any team to any sponsor or conflict with any state or local law.


18.0 The President shall select any committee that they deem necessary to operate this association.


    1. The voting eligible Executive Board members will vote a Director into their office. A temporary Director may be appointed by the organizing group to serve until a Booster Club or committee submits a regular Director for the Association's approval. New Directors shall have voting rights at their third (3) consecutive meeting.

    2. The term of the office of Director shall be for as long as he/she desires to serve with the exception of the following:

      1. If the Association Executive Board or Booster Club find just cause to relieve Director or Directors, it shall be submitted in writing to the Booster Club President and to the Association President in writing. The Association President shall have the duty to assemble the Executive Board and Board of Directors within no less than seven (7) days and no more than thirty (30) days for the purpose of hearing the charges and Directors defense. At the end of the hearing, a vote shall be taken to decide whether the Director shall be released.

      2. A Director wishing to resign must notify the Association Board in writing. He / She must also notify their Booster Club so that they may submit a regular Director for the Association's approval.

    3. There will only be one (1) voting director per organization.

    4. Director duties are that as follows:

      1. To be responsible for team's gear at the end of each season. To have it stored, request funds from booster clubs to repair, replace, and clean the gear.

      2. At the beginning of the year release all gear to the Head Coach who shall be responsible for gear during entire football season.

      3. He/she shall be responsible to keep the Team's Booster Club active.

      4. He/she shall act as a liaison between his team and Association.

      5. He/she shall have the final approval on all team fund raising projects in keeping with the association policy.

      6. The Director shall have the team vote at all Association meetings.

      7. He/she shall select as many Assistant Directors as he/she deems necessary. Assistant Directors may attend meetings if the Director is absent or with prior approval of the President of the Association.

      8. In his/her absence Assistant Director shall be in charge at Association meetings. The Director shall send a note to the meeting stating who is present in his/her absence.

      9. He/she shall be responsible to keep an up-to-date team roster, turning in one

        1. non-certified copy to Treasurer at time League Fees are paid. Director shall then turn in one electronic Official Certified copy to Head Commissioner prior to start of season.

      10. He/she shall furnish spotters and first-aid at each game.

      11. He/she shall be responsible to the Commissioner and/or his staff to maintain order on his/her side of the field among his/her team and coaches on the bench.

      12. He/she shall have the duty each year to select his/her Head Coach and the Head Coach shall select his Assistants subject to the approval of the Team Director.

      13. He/she shall have an occasional meeting with all coaches and discuss any problems the coaches may have.

      14. He/she can discharge any coach for any detrimental conduct.

      15. He/she shall be responsible to attend or send an authorized representative to each league meeting.


    1. There shall be one Head Coach per team and as many Assistant coaches as needed. Coaches will do the following:

    2. Select his Assistant Coaches with the Director's approval

    3. The Head Coach shall furnish to the Team Director the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all Assistant Coaches.

    4. Head Coaches shall make all decisions as to who compromises his first team and all other decisions regarding his team on or off the field.

    5. He will report any team, coaching or any other problems to his team Director, who will be responsible to help him solve any and all his problems.

    6. Under no circumstances will a coach play his team against a non-OGYFA team unless approved through the Executive Board for post season play. Violation of this clause will justify dismissal from this Association.