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Registration Instructions


Welcome to the 2021 Stow Youth Football and Cheer Season !

We are excited to open online registration on our website. The following is the list of steps you need to take in order to have your player ready and eligible to play.

  • 1. Register your parent account by going to Account Registration. Fill in your name, email and enter a password
  • 2. Once you have registered you will be directed to the login page. Enter your email and password
  • 3. When you arrive at your portal home, click on the My Athletes menu item on the left side
  • 4. On the players page click the button to Add an Athlete
  • 5. Fill in the player information and upload a photo, then press Save Athlete
  • 6. Now select Waivers and Terms on the left side menu. Click the Accept button for each of the waivers. Your athlete will not be able to sign up for a season until this is completed
  • 7. Select Edit Profile in the left menu. Fill in all the information on this page. If only one parent is in the picture, simply place "N/A" in the other parent information. Then click the save button
  • 8. Now click on the My Athletes menu item. In the athlete cart click the button that says Add Athlete to a Season
  • 9. You will be given a list of season options. Select the season that is appropriate
  • 10. You will notice a Pay Now button above the left menu. Click that button and on the payment page, enter your credit card information in our secure payment system

    • Once this is complete your process will be completed. At this time the league will place the players on a team and schedule the games and practices.